HOF Social Media and Pictures

We now have a North High Sports Hall of Fame Facebook page! Search for the page at the top of
your Facebook screen. Once there, click “join” & our lovely administrator, Jen Peterlin Gromosiak,
will accept your request.
Photographs of last year’s Hall of Fame events can be viewed at http://clickforpix.com/. Once on the
website, select “All My Pictures” located at the top of the screen. When the dropdown menu
appears, select “Photographic Memories.” The picture file from last year’s event, “2016 North High
Sports HOF Induction Ceremony,” is near the bottom of the page. Photos from previous years’
ceremonies are also on this website. Browse through the photos & get a flavor of the scope of the
Hall of Fame events. Each year, 250-300 people, including present & former coaches, teachers,
inductees, families, & nominees, attend the ceremony to celebrate North’s rich athletic history.
It’s a GREAT night!
*If you’d like to order photos, please contact Bruce Richert at http://Propix55@yahoo.com.