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We Need Your Help!

Dear Parents,

We need your help!

Bingo and concessions at Eastlake North High School events are a function of the Boosters.  In order to continue to support the many clubs and programs our Boosters funds we need to keep the Bingo and Concessions open and running smoothly.  Your support as a parent is vital and we are requesting each parents ‘support.

Some of the programs the Booster Program Supports are:

  • Senior Scholarship Fund
  • After Prom Donation
  • Uniform Purchases
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Student Travel Support

We are asking parents of every program to volunteer time.  We do not expect a parent to work the concession or bingo while their child is actually participating.  The goal is to have parents from one program support another program.  For example:  Girls’ basketball parents would work a Boys’ Basketball game or JV parents work a Varsity game.  We need parents for Bingo and Concessions for Bingo every Thursday and the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.

Important:  A portion of the proceeds will go to your child’s program every time you volunteer.

  • Bingo Manager-$75.00 donation per person –2 per night
  • Bingo Bankers- $50.00 donation per person –2 per session
  • Bingo Door- $25.00 donationper person –3 per session
  • Bingo Caller – $25.00 donation per session
  • Bingo Setup -$100.00 donation to group
  • Bingo Cleanup- $100.00 donation to group
  • Inside concessions $25.00 donation per person –3 per session
  • Larger event concessions $25.00 donation per person – as many as needed

Both concessions and bingo are now available online for volunteers to sign up for.  The links are below:



This is the link to the North High Boosters Website:  http://northhighboosters.dudaone.com/

Any questions please email boosters at: eastlakenorth.boosterclub@gmail.com


North High Boosters